Know Your Rights

In the event that you are detained or questioned by ICE Officers, it is very important to Know Your Rights.


Remember that everyone living in the U.S. has rights:

  1. Ask for an arrest or search warrant. If the ICE agent does not have one, then you DO NOT have to open the door. If ICE says that they have one, do not open the door to see it, have them pass it under the door.
  2. If you are confronted with an ICE agent – remain SILENT. You have the right to remain silent and do not have to give them your name. DO NOT SIGN anything that ICE gives you, without consulting with an attorney.
  3. Do not say anything about where you were born or how you entered the United States.
  4. Have a plan of action if a loved one is detained. Have the name of a trusted immigration attorney on hand. Have a plan for who could take care of minor children. Remember that if detained, you may be able to fight your case and get bail.
  5. Tell the Immigration Service official that you want your hearing in the city closest to where you live where there is an immigration court (so that they do not transfer your case).

Share this information with your friends and neighbors.